Världens Största Bröst – Guinness Rekord!


Finkultur på UnderMattan! :)     En av bloggens mest populära poster i repris!

UnderMattan-Bloggen höjer den kulturella nivån i Sverige och rapporterar samtidigt om ett väldigt viktigt rekord som visserligen sattes redan 2010 men det tål absolut att upprepas minst 2 gånger!

29-åriga Sheyla Hershey från Brasilien satte ett nytt världsrekord 2010 när hon visade upp sina två vänner för juryn hos Guinness rekordbok.

Hennes bröst mättes till storleken 38KKK vilket också var Guinness officiella världsrekord 2010.

Sheyla Hershey bor för tillfället i USA. Hon är både sångerska och dansare. (Hur det nu är möjligt att dansa med 2 episka ”fun bags  modell XXL? – Här har hon fått lite extra hjälp genom ”kreativ bildredigering”)

Sheyla äger dessutom ett skivbolag. …Vad mer att säga?
Inte speciellt mycket, men desto mer att titta på istället… :)

VIDEOS + Nya världsrekord 2011-2012

Sheyla Hershey 

Chelsea Charms - 164XXX cup!!!


Sheyla Hershey (born Sheyla Almeida; December 19, 1979) is a Brazilian-born housewife living in Houston, Texas since late 2000s. She is known for her extremely large breast implants. In May 2008, after 8 operations, she had a recorded bra size of 34FFF.

By the end of January 2009, after having another operation in her native Brazil, she was reported to be a size 38KKK.

Hershey has shown interest in various aspects of entertainment and has her own record label in Brazil. She began singing for a Philippine pop band and dancing in the Far East in 2005. After several months, Hershey returned to Brazil.

She attended acting classes and began starring in soap operas and comedy shows. The Brazilian edition of Guinness World Records book gave her the title of having the largest augmented breasts in Brazil.

Life threatening staph infection

On July 14, 2010, Hershey was reported to be suffering from a staph infection in both breasts following her most recent breast surgery session. Although her implants have been removed, the speculation by her doctors was that the infection would also necessitate breast removal.

On July 27, 2010, reports surfaced that after complications during her July 5 surgery, she was ”doing fine”, and is ”presently recuperating”, and that surgery went on without further complications. She is married to Derek Hershey, an Electrical Engineer, whom she wed on September 29, 2007 in Las Vegas.

In 2009, Sheyla Hershey gave birth to a daughter, Victoria Nicole Hershey. The couple also has a son Victor Hugo Hershey, born in 2008. The family shuttles between residences in Houston and Vila Velha, Brazil.

On September 15, 2010, Sheyla Hershey had her breast implants and most of her own breast tissue removed. According to her latest blog on her official website, she still has not lost her official ”title” as the woman with ”The World’s Biggest Enchanced Breasts”, and hopes to be able to perhaps have her breasts re-enlarged within the next ”few months”.

Suicide attempt rumors

On February 16, 2011, it was reported that Hershey was in a coma after taking a lethal dose of prescription pills the day before, in reportedly her second alleged suicide attempt in a 2-month period, just days before a scheduled breast surgery to re-enhance her bustline back to size 38KKK.

After Hershey recovered from the coma, in an interview with British tabloid newspaper The Sun, Hershey is stated as having said that she was allegedly distraught over feeling ”so ugly” without her world record implants, but was still considering having a breast reenhancement surgery done on her by plastic surgeons in Mexico.

On February 20, 2011, it was reported by Hershey on her official website, that not only that the reports and rumors were false, but that she also had a bad reaction to the medication that she had  
been taking, and that she was fine at home recuperating from treatment for the reaction to the medication.

Appearances in Media

She has made cameo appearances on NBC’s The Last Comic Standing, Comic-Con TV specials and was profiled on the National Geographic documentary series Taboo[12] and TLC’s My Strange Addiction.


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